Social Success in Schools®

Ensuring all students thrive with school-wide SEL


    Leveraging SEL to Transform Schools


At Social Success in Schools® we believe in leaning into change with a curious mind and an open heart. Our mission is to join the SEL community committed to supporting schools in implementing a school-wide SEL approach to educate the happy, healthy hearts and minds of all children and ensure all youth can succeed. 

Together, we got this!!

What Makes Us Different

We are educators with real experience in the field of education. We see what’s missing in education and are ready to support school communities in adopting school-wide SEL to transform their schools and experience lasting results.

What’s More…

1. Social Success in Schools® is the only online All-in-One professional learning training program geared at implementing School-wide SEL.

Our K-12 Adult SEL Professional Development Program is aligned with CASEL’s Theory of Action and includes clear-cut strategies to embed SEL into the natural learning environment of your school culture and climate.

2. Highly customizable program.

Our program can either stand on its own or complement SEL initiatives you are currently implementing in your school.

3. Social Success in Schools® is sustainable.

We recognize this is a marathon not a sprint and anything worth doing takes time. Our program helps schools get their SEL initiative going and keep it going. In this way, your SEL momentum can remain strong even as the faculty changes.

4. Our program includes all training videos and guidebooks in one user-friendly members-only portal for the entire school community to access.

Schools don’t need to rely on sending a few administrators or staff to trainings in hopes that they will return and successfully implement a program school-wide.

5. The program costs include continuing support.

Your membership includes ongoing consultation and support from certified SEL experts. No investing in expensive consultants.

6. Social Success in Schools® is flexible.

Participants can access training anytime, anywhere, and on any device.


About our founder and

Dr. Jeanne Baskin

Jeanne is a passionate pioneer in the field of education. She is a dedicated advocate for ensuring all children gain access to the benefits of social-emotional learning. Her energy, enthusiasm, and expertise fuel her desire to support schools in elevating their mission to educate the whole child.

She is a life-long learner and researcher supporting K-12 educators and leaders with the professional learning, skills, mindsets, and resources they need to leverage SEL to ensure all youth can succeed.

She holds a dual certification in SEL Instruction and Leadership through the Academy of Social-Emotional Learning in Schools from Rutgers University and is a Certified Trauma & Resilience Practitioner-Education through Starr Commonwealth.

What School Communities are Saying about Social Success in Schools®

“This work is essential. Social Success in Schools® is helping schools bring forth best practices that can make the job of an educator more impactful and rewarding. Bringing these professional development resources into your school is key if you want to fully implement SEL with success.”

-Kathleen Murtaugh; School Counselor

“Our children are facing many challenges living in today’s world. Now more than ever we need to arm our kids with those essential life skills, social skills, and character traits that ultimately create well-rounded human beings ready to tackle life. I am thrilled that school communities now have training tools to guide them in this important mission. Social Success in Schools® is a must in helping schools, homes, and communities flourish.”

-Jennifer Caddigan; parent

“Social Success in Schools® allows educators and students to harness valuable professional development resources that help to eliminate the guess work and time intensive planning which often causes frustration and interferes with successful implementation. As educators we do this work each and every day and we owe it to ourselves and our students to provide the tools and knowledge needed to truly build awareness and put into action social-emotional learning.”

-Tony Morrison; High School Principal


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