School-wide SEL Solution for School Communities

Comprehensive online K-12 SEL Program to effectively guide school communities in implementing school-wide SEL. 





1) Online Training Portal (Click here to view the SCOPE & SEQUENCE of the course training modules and lessons)


The member’s portal includes ready-to-play videos and guidebooks for staff, students, and families so the entire school community can implement SEL into the natural learning environment.

        • 3 Years of Access with your one payment membership
        • Simple-to-follow, customizable program
        • School membership providing your entire school community with constant access to all training resources
        • Informational videos for parents, guardians, and the wider school community
        • Online, constantly accessible resources to fit the individual needs of your school and faculty
        • Flexibility to train staff during in-service days or faculty/PLC meetings
        • Ability to refresh trainings with existing staff and conduct new trainings for incoming staff each year
        • Every lesson is taught by experts in SEL and shaped by 20 years of educational teaching experience
        • 90 Certificate of Completions Hours
        • Eligibility to Earn up to 9 Graduate Credit Units


    2) User-friendly and Engaging Guidebooks


        Guidebooks complement each digital lesson and training,  containing all the core concepts in writing so you don’t miss a detail. They help you easily and efficiently implement the skills and strategies covered in each module, toolkit and community training. 
    3) Online Community


    Schools are provided access to a private Facebook group where participants are invited to collaborate in an online community with other educators across the nation.  Members can use the platform to share their own ideas, tips, strategies, and stories with one another.



    We know educators and families, just like students, want choices. Our K-12 Adult SEL Program is designed to elevate your SEL initiative with individual and group learning experiences that ensure all students benefit from social-emotional learning.

    This K-12 Adult SEL program is the ideal complement to use alongside any evidence-based SEL curriculum you may already have in place to elevate your mission to embed social-emotional learning into the natural environment.

    All trainings are taught by certified SEL experts and are rooted in research-driven practices and recommendations that align with CASEL’s Theory of Action and five core SEL competencies of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and responsible decision-making.

    All trainings and guidebooks are located in one on-demand member’s portal for your entire school community to access in their space and time, and in ways that best fit their individual needs.

    This online portal is perfect for training your staff during in-service professional development days, faculty meetings, and/or PLC meetings. It can also help maintain your efforts by streamlining training for incoming and new staff each year.

    We value the work that’s being done to support schools in educating the whole child. We believe it takes a village and that collective action for the greater good is needed. That’s why we are committed to keeping costs low and extending access for 3 years, so school communities don’t have to wonder which program to choose. 



    This K-12 Adult SEL Program

    is designed to:

    Cultivate a safer, more caring, and inclusive school culture and climate

    Implement Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports and Restorative Practices

    Strengthen Adult SEL skill sets of both educators and parents/caregivers

    Build a school-wide trauma-informed, equity-driven SEL approach

    Gain strategies to shape the SEL competencies of students in the natural learning environment

    Promote student identity, voice, agency, and sense of belonging as well grit, gratitude, and a growth mindset.

    90 certificate of completion hours and eligibility to earn up to 9 graduate credits

    Access personalized support during group consultations and connect and collaborate with others through a members-only Facebook group

    Whole School Membership 1-Year Access




    ● Three Educator SEL Course Trainings
    ● K-12 Kid SEL Toolkit 2D Video Series
    ● Home Portal with Family Trainings
    ● Adult and Kid Mindful Moments
    ● Downloadable Guidebooks
    ● Facebook Group
    ● 90 Certificate of Completion Hours
    ● Eligibility to Earn 9 Graduate Credits

    Individual Membership 1-Year Access




    ● Adult SEL-Strengthen Your 5 Core Competencies Course Training
    ● K-12 Kid SEL Toolkit 2D Video Series
    ● Adult and Kid Mindful Moments
    ● Downloadable Guidebooks
    ● Facebook Group
    ● 30 Certificate of Completion Hours
    ● Eligibility to Earn 3 Graduate Credits

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    Q. Is this a professional development program oR an SEL curriculum for students? 


     Good question. The short answer is both. At the root of our core values we believe that any effective SEL initiative requires a strong foundation that includes quality professional learning opportunities for staff and families. Adults need to build their SEL awareness, understand how social-emotional competence improves student outcomes, and advance their skill sets required to teach, model, and shape these skills in youth. That’s why we intentionally focus on building systems that will help you prep the soil for transforming the way your school community educates kids in today’s world.


    Additionally, we include student trainings that help educators create a common language to shape students’ social behaviors during teachable moments while also fostering student identity, voice, agency, and sense of belonging as well grit, gratitude, and a growth mindset.  

    Q. How will I know this program will work?

    A. This program combines and utilizes research-driven practices drawn from over 200 pieces of evidence and recommendations from the leading experts in the field, including CASEL. We put our education, training, and research to work for you to take the guesswork out of this process.



    As educators, we also understand the value of gathering data and reflecting on our practices, so this program will evolve based on the feedback we receive. This way, we can provide the best SEL program available.


    That being said, a great program is just a plan. It requires dedicated individuals to carry it out. This is why it typically takes three full school years to implement School-wide SEL. You’ll have some faculty members dive in eagerly, others resist entirely, and the rest fall somewhere in the middle. As the eager faculty members see results, others will follow, but this process requires time, persistence, and patience. The good news, is that we are here for you every step of the way to co-learn and co-facilitate your school’s transformation. 

    Q. Why is this program so affordable?


    A. Simple – true to our educator roots, we are in the business of making a difference. Affordability has always been a big priority for Social Success in Schools, because as educators, we’re aware of the various strains on education budgets.


    We also strongly believe in the power of SEL to leverage equity and inclusion in education. We’ve seen it positively impact students’ mental well-being, relationships,  and academic progress and we want to ensure ALL children gain equitable access to these critical skills.

    Q. How is this program different from other SEL programs out there?


    A. We’d love to share how…


    1. Social Success in Schools® is the ONLY online All-in-One professional learning program geared at implementing School-wide SEL.

    Our program includes clear-cut steps to embed school-wide SEL approach into the natural learning environment of your school culture and climate.


    2. Highly customizable program.

    Our program can either stand on its own or complement SEL initiatives you are currently implementing in your school.


    3. Social Success in Schools® is sustainable. 

    Your one-payment membership includes THREE YEARS OF ACCESS to the program. That’s because we know this is a marathon not a sprint and anything worth doing takes time. This helps schools get their SEL initiative going and keep it going so your SEL momentum can remain strong even as the faculty changes.


    4. Our program includes all training videos and guidebooks in one user-friendly members-only portal for the entire school community to access. 

    No need to rely on sending a few administrators and staff to trainings in hopes that they will return and implement a program school-wide. 


    5. The program costs include continuing support.

    Your membership includes ongoing consultation and support. No investing in expensive consultants.


    6. Social Success in Schools® is flexible. 

    Participants can access training anytime, anywhere, and on any device.




    Social Success in Schools® is
    a grassroots project

    Put into action & supported by many. 

    “I have been working with Jeanne Baskin for 15 years. Her dedication and expertise are invaluable and we couldn’t be more supportive of her venture to make a greater impact in the field of social-emotional learning. This work is essential. Social Success in Schools® is helping schools bring forth best practices that can make the job of an educator more impactful and rewarding. Bringing these professional development resources into your school is key if you want to fully implement SEL with success.”

    -Kathleen Murtaugh; School Counselor

    “Our children are facing many challenges living in today’s world. Now more than ever we need to arm our kids with those essential life skills, social skills, and character traits that ultimately create well-rounded human beings ready to tackle life. I am thrilled that school communities now have training tools to guide them in this important mission. Social Success in Schools® is a must in helping schools, homes, and communities flourish.”

    Jennifer Caddigan; parent

    “Social Success in Schools® allows educators and students to harness valuable professional development resources that help to eliminate the guess work and time-intensive planning which often causes frustration and interferes with successful implementation. As educators, we do this work each and every day and we owe it to ourselves and our students to provide the tools and knowledge needed to truly build awareness and put into action social-emotional learning.”

    -Tony Morrison; High School Principal


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